Jaihind gives Pune a fashionable #SummerCooler!

With the mercury rising high, the people of Pune seem to have a big challenge lined up for the months of April and May – a really harsh summer. As people look for different ways to beat the heat, with Jaihind, we conceptualized a stylish solution to do this.

Jaihind has its own Fabric Gallery that has a wide variety of fabric options in terms of colours, designs and textures. Since linen and cotton are the fabrics most suited for summers, we decided to create a unique campaign for Jaihind Fabric Gallery.

Understanding the fact that people like to look at soothing visuals during summers, we created a ‘swimming pool like’ visual using cotton and linen fabrics. It carried a soothing feel that was complimented by a model who showcased summer fashion, while reclining in the ‘fabric pool’.Staying true to online communication trends, the campaign maintained a ‘cool’ tone by telling people to embrace the #SummerCoolers by Jaihind.

for digital2

The creative process – 1st cut

Fabric hoarding 40x20

The creative process – Released version

Not only was the communication topical, it was extremely stylish and exclusive,and caught the attention of Pune’s people.


Double the impact with ‘Double Seat’: AnandGram Bhandgaon

After the overwhelming response to Vastushodh’s GruhaChawal campaign in Pune, we extended the campaign to the rest of Maharashtra. To do this, we had a heavy-duty plan, with a strong emphasis on TVCs ready and rolled out on several popular Marathi GECs.

Hoarding design

But there are times when good things line up in the most unexpected ways; ways that even the most detailed planning cannot account for. This is precisely what happened for the launch of Vastushodh’s AnandGram at Bhandgaon.

It so happened that the launch weekend of AG also happened to be the release weekend for the Marathi movie ‘Double Seat’. The main theme of the movie revolved around a couple and their journey towards owning their ‘dream home’. This meant that the movie was essentially centered on the brand ethos of Vastushodh!

We got working and quickly forged a brand association with Double Seat.

We not only included Double Seat in our TV, print and outdoor media plan, we also ran a quick contest on our Social Media platforms giving out movie tickets.

twitter Facebook

We’re happy to say that this worked to the advantage of both brands – in terms of credibility, as well as presence.

An extension of Vastushodh’s ‘Home Revolution’

For our client, Vastushodh, a renowned name in affordable housing, we had conceptualized the idea of a ‘GruhaChalwal’ or a ‘Home Revolution’. GruhaChalwal basically highlighted the problems that a common man typically faced while buying a home, and how Vastushodh was effectively addressing these issues and helping them fulfill their dreams.

The campaign received great response from the patrons. And so, when we decided to undertake an extensive branding campaign for the rest of Maharashtra (ROM), this GruhaChalwal became our core theme.

To effectively extend the campaign, which was previously restricted only to Print and Outdoor, we decided to craft TVCs on the same lines. A series of 4 TVCs, each one featuring one issue and solution that GruhaChalwal offered, was set to connect with the audience by giving their problems an actual voice.

Take a look at what we’ve created.

Sale Wah Guru in the house!

If you’ve been observing hoardings around Pune (and Kolhapur) you’d have noticed these bright colourful ones with an eye-catching character. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Sale Wah Guru. And he’s here to introduce all of us to the fundas of sale shopping.

Jaihind Mockup (1)


It’s been such fun strategizing, conceptualizing and executing this new Sale campaign for our client Jaihind, that we’re really excited seeing it all set and ready to take the town by storm. Stay tuned over the next month or two, for some great shopping tips from Sale Wah Guru!


Taking UrbanGram™ to Baramati

After making Vastushodh a well-known name in and around the city of Pune, it was a matter of great joy to take this trendsetter in affordable living to the city of Baramati. The launch of UrbanGram™ at Baramati meant the city was now privy to a housing option that was built on a large scale and featured all the amenities required to make affordable living, comfortable. This was a first for Baramati, a city where individually constructed structures was the norm.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to center our creatives around the vast wealth of amenities and the idea of gated community living to hook the attention of Baramati residents. We did this by offering them a glimpse of the layout, which gave them an idea about the massive scale of living that UrbanGram™ provided.


Research, strategy and communication came together in this campaign, to make a place for UrbanGram™ in the hearts and minds of Baramatikars!

Riding the digital wave!

On Social Media, constantly changing trends means you have to be quick on your feet. And we proved this yet again with an impromptu ‘Flash Contest’ we held for W­ādeshwar.


It all started off very unpredictably. While monitoring the current trends in the city on Twitter, we noticed that everyone was conversing about the release of the movie ‘PK’. Hashtags like #PKjaana #PKaana and #PK were trending, indicating that people were keen on watching the film as soon as they could lay their hands on some tickets.


And so we decided to jump on the ‘PK bandwagon’ with a contest of our own to surprise W­­­ādeshwar’s fans & followers. Over the next 15 minutes, we booked a few tickets to the evening show and formulated a quiz style contest we could host on twitter. Fans and followers simply had to answer the questions correctly to win movie tickets.



IMG-20141220-WA0003 IMG-20141219-WA0009IMG-20141219-WA0010

Within an hour we executed the entire contest, right from conducting the contest to contacting the winners with details of their tickets. With 43 tweets and retweets in the time-frame and five winners being picked, the engagement levels were raised with this quick initiative. More importantly, though, we offered a great experience to the social media audience, which culminated with them having an unexpectedly fun evening at the movies!


One God. One BIG Celebration.

Ganesh Utsav has a special place in the heart of Punekars. So this year, to make this occasion even more special we decided to conceptualize a ‘Maha Celebration’ for our client, Sakal. This celebration would be an umbrella for a plethora of activities that would not only celebrate this festival like never before, but also bring out the essence of a ‘communal celebration’ that engages people and brings everyone together.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to call the event ‘Bappa Morya’, a refrain that encapsulated the spirit of Ganesh Utsav. Very apt, since this is exactly what this initiative had set out to do.

Sakal Mockup

Under ‘Bappa Morya’, we conceptualized a bouquet of activities each catering to various sensibilities.




We, at Setu, are happy to have played such a pivotal role right from naming this event to seamlessly executing every aspect of it. Content, Communication design, Strategy – all came together flawlessly, to realize this massive celebration. It was almost as if Bappa was watching, and giving us his blessing every step of the way!